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Air Fresher: LOGO

Air Fresher: LOGO

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šŸ”„šŸ’”šŸŒ¬ļø 1. No need to charge, rotate with the light, and actively emit aroma.

āœˆļøšŸŽØšŸŒŖļøšŸ’” 2. Aviation-grade color, active concentrating, swirl-accelerating fragrance, light-sensing energy harvester.

šŸŒ—šŸ”„šŸŒŗšŸŒ¬ļøšŸƒ 3. Suspension and rotation, active essence, fragrance and deodorization, healthy fragrance, solid fragrance tablets, long-lasting fragrance.

āœØšŸ’ŽšŸ”®šŸ”„šŸš—šŸŒø 4. Added interesting and interesting suspended crystal balls, crystal balls of various styles, 360-degree rotation. Small and unobstructed, both decoration and aromatherapy.

šŸŒ¼āŒ›šŸŒ”ļøšŸƒšŸ‘¶ 5. Long-lasting fragrance, nano solid fragrance tablets, impermeable, high temperature resistance, uniform and lasting fragrance, 0 alcohol, healthy and safe, suitable for pregnant and infants, natural plant fragrance, mild and stimulating fragrance.

šŸ“¦šŸƒšŸƒ About fragrant tablets: One package contains two fragrant tablets.


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